USD $224.99

KTM Replica Leather Pant MPT-013-2016(FREE SHIPPING)

Top quality KTM leather Pant (grade A) Motorcycle Pant for best safety and looking great. Race quality leather along with CE approved protectors, knee sliders provides best protection. Includes full mesh liner for maximum comfort and best fitting style provides comfirt while you are on ride.

Top quality leather (grade A)1.3-1.4mm thickness.
Titanium Knee Mould for More protection.
Includes full mesh liner for maximum comfort.
CE Approved Knee armours and knee slider. 
Kevlar strech panel at calf. Inclusive of a pair of knee sliders. 
Zipper connector for connecting with Jacket. 
Leather Cutt Logos.
Original YKK zippers.

Custom Features :
Custom colors( Free of cost)
Perforation. (Free of Cost)
Custom name number and Logos(We charge some extra)

Available Options:



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