USD $299.00

Motorcycle Leather Plus Textile Suit MST-108(FREE SHIPPING)

Latest Technology Motorcycle Suit made of top quality leather (grade A)Applied whereever protection is required. (Shoulders, Elbows, Knee and under knee leg portion, Back helmet support hump, beck seat portion of pant and suit sides) Fine quality Leather along with CE approved protectors provide 100% protection and makes the suit technically full protective one.

PVC Coated Nylon Polyester (Specially made for biker Garments) used elsewhere, makes the suit less expensive and hense affordable. Also low weight and feels comfortable. Durable and looking great..


  • Top quality leather (grade A)1.1-1.2mm
  • PVC Coated Nylon Polyester
  • Elastic kevlar panel at arm and leg crunch for easy movement
  • Back helmet sport hump
  • Inclusive of a Pair of Knee Sliders
  • Stretch Panels for comfortable fitting and bending
  • CE aproved Body armours
  • Original YKK zippers


















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