USD $125.00

Motorcycle Motorbike Cordura Suit 0004(Free Shipping)

Motorcycle Touring Cordura Suit. Specially Made of the Touring Riders.


Fully Waterproof
For all weathers
Removable and Washable lining
CE Approved armors
4 Air-Vent zips - (Jacket)
2 front - 2 inside Pockets (Jacket)
2 Big pockets (Trousers)
Attachment Zip

Product Description


  • Originally made from 600d Cordura fabric.
  • CE Approved Removable Armour.
  • Armours are at Forearm/Elbow & Shoulders and extra foam padded Back.
  • Scotch-lite 3M reflective panels on front and back.
  • Removable and Washable inner quilted Lining.
  • Velcro and zip adjustment at Cuff.
  • Velcro adjustment at waist.
  • 4 extra Zip lock air vents. (2 front, and 2 back).
  • 3 extra outer pockets and 2 extra inner pockets.
  • Trouser adjustment 8 inch Zip.
  • A new style with full protection.


  •      Fully waterproof trouser
  •      CE Approved Removable Armour
  •      Removable and Washable Lining, 
  •      Anti slip material at middle prevent to skid from motorbike seat
  •      Specially designed Stretchable Elastic material on both Legs
  •     Velcro Strap at Ankle 
  •      Material = 600D Cordura
  •     Stylish Pockets on both Legs
  •     Trouser for all weather
  •     Attachment zip teeth to attach jacket
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