USD $139.99

Motorcycle Bike Textile Trouser Jacket 2 Piece Suit 0013


Leatherslink Model of Mesh Jacket and Trouser have been specifically designed to keep you protective, stylish and comfortable .The Jacket and Trouser both are packed with all of the features, a biker or rider may think. The features are given in below section.

Specifications / Jacket Features Include:

  • Mens Motorbike Waterproof Jacket in 600d Cordura Fabric Material - 6 Packs Design
  • CE Approved Removeable Shoulder and Elbow Armours
  • Thick foam pading Protection at back
  • Cuff and waist adjustments with Velcro strap
  • Fastening: Zip
  • Air Vent Zips at Front and Back
  • Lining - Removable and washable. For all weather
  • YKK Full Zip
  • Mobile Pocket inside
  • Extra Foam Padding at front and Back to provide maximum protection

Pant Features Include:

  • CE Approved Removable Armoured
  • Motorbike 600d Cordura Fabric Protective Men's Trouser - Big Pocket Design
  • Lining - Removable and washable. For all weather
  • All seams are heat moulded sealed
  • Velcro Strap at Ankle and Waist
  • Rear 8 inch zipper for jacket attachment
  • Front Ease Zip
  • Waterproof Zipper Pockets on Both Legs
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