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Motorcycle Bike Textile Trouser Jacket 2 Piece Suit 0003


Leatherslink Model of Mesh Jacket and Trouser have been specifically designed to keep you protective, stylish and comfortable .The Jacket and Trouser both are packed with all of the features, a biker or rider may think. The features are given in below section.

Specifications / Features Include:

  • Outer shells made with high abrasion Cordura 600 D Polyester Breathable Mesh Jacket.
  • Double stitched main seams. Safety stitch system used for giving maximum burst resistance.
  • Quilted Lining - , heat sealed, Removable thus making Jackets and Trousers to be used in all weather.
  • CE certified Armour / Protectors in shoulders, elbows, back as well as at Knees and Thighs. The protectors can be removed if required and again be inserted easily.
  • High visible reflective panels at front and back on the Jacket and reflective piping at front of trouser to be seen during dark.
  • Air vent zippers, two each at front and back on the Jacket.
  • Soft touch fabric is used at collar and cuff of Jacket.
  • YKK front main zipper of Jacket.
  • Adjustable Arm and a stretchable panels at elbows.
  • On Trouser, a panel of special Gripping material has been used at Hip to increase gripping and avoid slipping on Bike’s seat.
  • Material reinforcement at elbows.
  • Special elastic stretchable panels used on both legs at front to increase flexibility, adjustability and comfort during riding.
  • Adjustable cuff closer through Velcro (hook & loop) and zipper
  • On Jacket, adjustable waist belt through Velcro (hook & loop) on Jacket.
  • On Trouser, adjustable waist belt through elasticated panels and Velcro (hook & loop) closers at two sides.
  • Multiple pockets at front and inside as well as special pocket inside of Jacket for your smart phone. Also, Two cargo pockets on trouser to keep your essentials.
  • High quality short (8”) connection link zipper both at Jacket and Trouser. This give you flexibility to connect either Jacket or Trouser to any other trouser or Jacket.  
  • On Trouser, ankle zips for easy removing and wearing with expanded boot opening.
  • On Trouser, Velcro (hook & loop) Strap over Ankle for tightening
  • Black Mesh Jacket Suit has Breathable Mesh. 

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