USD $160.00

Motorcycle Flannel Lumberjack Shirt Lined WITH DuPontâ„¢ KEVLAR

Leatherslink introducing New your favourite flannel shirt reinforced with a protective lining and contrives to resist tear and abrasion. A casual looking shirt made for riding, provides unmatched comfort and ultimate protection while riding a motorcycle.
The revolutionary high tech Kevlar® lining and removable protectors protects you from injuries,
Product Features :
Cotton / Poly flannel outer material
180 Gsm DuPont™ Kevlar® lining Fully lined at sleeve and back
Mesh pockets on elbows, shoulders, and back
Removable CE certified armor Elbow, shoulder and back
YKK center front zip as well as snaps
2 Hook up strap is a feature that gives an ease of connection with jean pant  which allow rider to ride in more confirtable way.
Snap down collar
Button adjustable cuffs
Inside Pocket For documents.

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