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Varsity Letterman College Jackets VWJ-003-2016(Free Shipping)

Premium Wool & light weight Goat Leather Sleeves Varsity Letterman School College Boy Baseball Jacket.The quality of the varsity jacket is the finest in the field. Only the softest, most durable leather is used for the sleeves, the best wool for the body and the softest knitted Ribs for the collar, sleeves and waistband are used


  • 100% Brand new Jacket is crafted with selective superior wool fabric and top quality Genuine Leather.
  • Quality of light Weight Goat leather is that, it is soft, light weight and long lasting.
  • It is quilted with polyester lining to keep you warm in cold days.
  • Knitted Ribs are attached with Cuffs, Collar and at the bottom of the jacket.
  • Designed with double stitching for durability.
  • Fasten at the front with Button.
  • With Front Pocket.
  • Inner 3 Pockets including 1 Mobile pocket.
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed


  • Please Dry Clean only, or from Special leather dry cleaner.
  • Do Not Wash.
  • Please make sure to add your selection of colour and size during check out. There is a ‘note to seller’ section in Papal checkout page.


  • Before placing Order carefully read our size chart, you can choose your size regarding your body measurements as well. 

Custom Work: 

  • We can put custom Letters and logos on customer request. Thta custom work will increased the price of jacket little bit. 

Available Options:



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