USD $139.99

Motorcycle Distressed vintage Leather Vest MSV-017(Free Shipping

This leather vest is constructed of Cowhide leather, Men's 10 Pocket Vest with Side Laces, this vest has plenty of pockets for secure storage, 4 brass snap enclosures, 2 front waist pockets and 2 outer front zip pockets including a large inside cargo pocket, the back of the 10 pocket leather vest is a solid leather panel from side to side.


Retro Brown Leather 1.2-1.3mm. 
Classic Four Snap Front Look. 
Two Lower Front Zipper Pockets w/ 2 Coin Pockets. 
6 Inside Pockets storage system. 
Side Lace Detailing for Optimal Fit. 
Built in Dual Side Conceale Gun Pocket Pocket.




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