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Mens Dark Brown Leather Jacket MJK-024-2016(Free Shipping)

This motorcycle jacket is made of dark brown leather with Sleeves decorated , has a two-layer lining and zippered vents that will make you comfortable in all-weather types and removable CE Approved  armour on the shoulders, elbow and back to keep you protected.


  • Abrasion-Resistant Cowhide  Leather; distressed finish on seam edges for that vintage ’worn in’ look
  • Low collar design with snap-button closure
  • Colour:  Dark Brown Leather Jacket.
  • Removable Armour on key impact zones; shoulders and elbows.
  • Generation in Armour Technology
  • CE Approved Armour passing the highest level.
  • Zipper Vents: 2 zipper upper-chest horizontal vents and 2 zipper lower-back vertical vents
  • Full Sleeve Zip-Out Thermo-Polyester quilted liner; Non-removable Mesh Polyester lining (attached to the jacket)
  • Exterior Pockets: 2 zipper hand pockets
  • Interior Pockets: 1 vertical snap-button pocket on both right and left interior of jacket
  • Zipper front closure
  • Zipper wrist cuffs with snap-button closure
  • YKK zipper hardware in antique brass finish

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